Haiti and Sisterhood

In March 2015 I went to Haiti for the first time and my whole life changed. I fell in love with the people and left a piece of my heart there. I went back for the second time in March and I met a young woman who worked at the resort we stayed at, Hotel … More Haiti and Sisterhood


Blow Up the Box

I hate boxes. My whole life I’ve tried to break out of the social constructs I was placed into, forced into or even put upon myself. In high school every year was a new phase. Freshman year I was preppy and by the end of that year I was Emo. The next year I became … More Blow Up the Box

Finding Your Purpose

This is for all the 20-something year old women out there staying afloat and feeling your way through life… There’s a mad, happening world out there, I know. And what that translates to is that time flies: One minute you’re graduating high-school and the next thing you know you’re 7¬†years down the road, questioning every … More Finding Your Purpose