Women Empowerment on Sister Radio

Hey everyone!

In the process of getting some more bloggers on board with Sister Radio, so apologies I haven’t written in a while!

Even though there aren’t any new blogs, there are a ton of new shows where I got to interview women who inspire me. Take a listen and let us know what you think. 🙂

Also you can listen to Sister Radio on iTunes 


Huda Quhshi Sister Radio



Huda Quhshi – Huda is the owner of Le’Jemalik Salon & Boutique in Brooklyn, New York. Le’Jemalik is a hijab-friendly salon that is open to all women, and the response has been amazing! Women and media outlets from all over are celebrating her accomplishments. Listen-in as Huda shares her story.



Angela Luna – Listen in as Angela Luna (Founder and

Angela Luna Sister Radio

CEO of ADIFF) talks with us about her inspiration to take the fashion industry and use it for good. Angela’s company, ADIFF, has created and distributed jackets that double as tents and sleeping bags for the Syrian Refugee Crisis. She saw that there was a design problem and used innovation, passion and care to launch a product line that can help save lives. You will NOT want to miss this interview!




Martina Abrahams Sister Radio




Martina Abrahams – Martina Abrahams has a passion for storytelling and is giving a voice to black milennials on her podcast, You Had Me at Black. Listen in as we talk with her about life, what inspires her and why storytelling is important.



Mira Joleigh Sister Radio



Mira Joleigh – Listen in as Ambitionista and life coach. Mira Joleigh, talks with us about life, business and love. Mira is amazing at connecting people to their passion and purpose, so if you need some direction and insight, this is the show for you.



Concita Thomas Sister Radio


Concita Thomas is a fitness coach for women and she has some unique insight to getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle. Listen in as Concita gives us tips on weight loss and fitness. This interview is so fun and great for anyone who needs advice for their health journey.

P.S. Concita went to Brown University and she keeps it real! Loved having her on the show 🙂

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Visit ConcitaThomas.com


Crystal Kelly Blog Sister Radio



Crystal Kelly – Listen in as Crystal (Founder of Power of Your Purse) talks with us about why women coming together will change the world.

P.S. This is one of our favorite “Feel-Good” episode

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Sending you all some love and hope these interviews help you and inspire you!

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