Finding Your Purpose


This is for all the 20-something year old women out there staying afloat and feeling your way through life…

There’s a mad, happening world out there, I know.

And what that translates to is that time flies: One minute you’re graduating high-school and the next thing you know you’re 7 years down the road, questioning every decision you’ve made and wondering the direction of your life.  Or at least that’s what happened to me…

Recently, I started really considering my “purpose.“

You see, daily grind can become a total time-suck. Very poetic. But before I knew it, all the time I thought I had to start actually DOING my purpose (whatever that was) had somehow disappeared.

The awareness that I “wasted“ so much time started to make feel like a total failure.

I later discovered it is totally normal to feel this way (huzzah!) So now I’ve decided to make it my PURPOSE to discover what exactly “purpose“ is.

To define your own purpose is a totally unique experience for each person, but the need for purpose is the same for everyone. Nothing keeps a person more grounded than purpose, and that’s why so many people question this basic need, “What is my purpose?”

(In case you hadn’t realized it yet… I’m trying to set a world record for how many times the word “purpose” can be inserted into a single blog post.)

Anyways… there is something I need to say…

The common thread I see in all journeys of finding purpose is that it is centered on love. So whatever your purpose is, it will have to do with love: The people you love, the activities you love, the causes you love, and on and on with the Love List. And ultimately one life is not limited to one purpose, but MANY.

So, purpose and the actual finding of it has nothing to do with what you accomplish and everything to do with what you love. Although when you do something you love, something wonderful always comes from it, so in essence you accomplish great things just by doing what you love.

And the final comment I want to make about purpose is that just like you, it will change, grow and evolve.

So, get excited! Purpose and love are right in front of you…

By Isabelle Champagne

Listen to the Sister Radio show “Finding Your Purpose” HERE


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