“Para Mujeres” (For Women) – A Poem

There’s something about feminine energy, we are nurturing souls in all its splendor, we thrive under pressure, rip our own bodies apart to make way for something special, endure monthly pain but still manage to maintain, the house, our jobs, and our families, when our days seem dark we still rise, we have the ability … More “Para Mujeres” (For Women) – A Poem


Blow Up the Box

I hate boxes. My whole life I’ve tried to break out of the social constructs I was placed into, forced into or even put upon myself. In high school every year was a new phase. Freshman year I was preppy and by the end of that year I was Emo. The next year I became … More Blow Up the Box

Finding Your Purpose

This is for all the 20-something year old women out there staying afloat and feeling your way through life… There’s a mad, happening world out there, I know. And what that translates to is that time flies: One minute you’re graduating high-school and the next thing you know you’re 7 years down the road, questioning every … More Finding Your Purpose